Step right up onto the magic carpet
Imagination only can spark it
Once the winds are steadily blowing
There’s no need for tiresome rowing

Before you leave you’ll think of the rest
Then later the places you’ve left
Dream, yes dream on of everywhere else
All but where you now find your self

Those places you visit you can’t take home
In fact you’re more than often alone
On forever a search for renewed beauty
A perfect piece of home-grade realty

Friendly faces will smile and greet
Wishing again someday you’ll meet
Knowing you’re gone on a mission to go
Anywhere but places you already know

Into your book you’ll write down the ones
Where you had the greatest most fun
So that one day when traveling’s done
Once again here you’ll remember to come

Maybe that day you will settle down
A little tired from moving around
You’ll count to your kids all the fun places
All the funny people and their funny faces

You’ll know these lands that you’ve traveled wide
Those very same lands you’ll cherish with pride
The travel was fleeting now you reside
Like your wife who once was your bride

For now though think not of all that
Just remember to wear a nice hat
For the sun is shining strong in this land
The carpet is leaving: hold on to my hand