Club Lines

Club Lines

Song by Adal Bermann

A blank page
A white screen
Now be sage
Don’t spill spleen

Just express
Make a rhyme
Write a line

Say nothing
Verbal star
Just to sing
In your car

Like a pop
Radio song
The beat drop
Lyrics’ wrong

Don’t listen
Just go dance
On the scene
Take a chance

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance

Know you’re not
Watching girls

Dress to please
Smile cheese
It’s all fake
For Christ sake

Can’t compete
With the guys
On the street
Looking sly

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance

Keep writing
Keep rapping
Keep dancing

Having fun
Beach and sun
Looking class
Tits and ass

You’ve been sold
HD dreams
Now you mold
Made up scenes

You’re still young
Strong and hung
So reach out
With joy shout

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance

Don’t believe
Me just watch
Up all night
Get lucky

From New York
To Berlin
You go out
Long to sin

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance


Frustration Sells

Frustration Sells

An interesting phenomenon is becoming too obvious to ignore. On average, people are making more money than ever before, and yet we are also working more than ever before. Women have stepped up the corporate ladder and now both parents in the modern family are trapped in cubicles. International travel is now affordable for the lower middle class, but hardly anyone has time for a long journey to their neighboring lands. In countries like Thailand, families are sending their children to the street corner to upgrade their houses and cars. Meanwhile in the western world, minimum wage workers are accumulating credit to acquire the latest iPhone. We donate to GreenPeace and then are too tired to sort our trash. We eat vegan meals prepared on the cheap by strangers in cafes trying to pay their own rents when we can barely afford our own, but when we go shopping we only buy organic at whole foods. We are too busy and exhausted from work to take care of our households, family and countries.

Divided we live, conquered we are.

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