Club Lines

Club Lines

Song by Adal Bermann

A blank page
A white screen
Now be sage
Don’t spill spleen

Just express
Make a rhyme
Write a line

Say nothing
Verbal star
Just to sing
In your car

Like a pop
Radio song
The beat drop
Lyrics’ wrong

Don’t listen
Just go dance
On the scene
Take a chance

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance

Know you’re not
Watching girls

Dress to please
Smile cheese
It’s all fake
For Christ sake

Can’t compete
With the guys
On the street
Looking sly

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance

Keep writing
Keep rapping
Keep dancing

Having fun
Beach and sun
Looking class
Tits and ass

You’ve been sold
HD dreams
Now you mold
Made up scenes

You’re still young
Strong and hung
So reach out
With joy shout

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance

Don’t believe
Me just watch
Up all night
Get lucky

From New York
To Berlin
You go out
Long to sin

In the club
You go dance
Hoping for
Cheap romance


Swimming in goop
Alphabet soup
No directions
Only questions
World is scary
Rules arbitrary
Fueled by hope
Dreams, pride’n’dope
So confusing
Though amusing
Don’t be afraid
You got it made
Life is a chance
To make a stance
Head down push through
Be us not you
You always knew
What’s due to do

Just Breath

Just Breath

Have you ever wondered why
We’re always trying to buy
A piece of the sweet pie?

Drawn to lights like moth
Willing to pay the cost
Spiritually lost

Without courage to say
“I had a bad day,
do you mind if I stay?”

Afraid to simply ask
Fearing we’ll end up last
Too lazy for the task

As though we don’t exist
Like ghosts in a thick mist
Just a number in the list

Don’t sleep in this morning
Hiding, tired, mourning
Bounce up instead roaring!

Find a higher force
Decipher your heart’s Morse
Set a happy course

You just need to believe
Love, cherish, conceive
Be one, give and receive

Just breathe

Burning Man Dream

Burning Man Dream

Burning Man as it might seem
Is in fact a collective dream
We stay awake while the world’s asleep
Into the vacuum our minds we sweep

We put our fantasies on display
So they come true for just one day
In the chaos we find truth
Inspiration’s forever youth

Yet all creations here must burn
Forbidden is their return
These wet dreams back on land
Those awake can’t understand

Bring to it your best intentions
Be open to all directions
There is nothing here to win
Close your eyes – it’ll soon begin




Step right up onto the magic carpet
Imagination only can spark it
Once the winds are steadily blowing
There’s no need for tiresome rowing

Before you leave you’ll think of the rest
Then later the places you’ve left
Dream, yes dream on of everywhere else
All but where you now find your self

Those places you visit you can’t take home
In fact you’re more than often alone
On forever a search for renewed beauty
A perfect piece of home-grade realty

Friendly faces will smile and greet
Wishing again someday you’ll meet
Knowing you’re gone on a mission to go
Anywhere but places you already know

Into your book you’ll write down the ones
Where you had the greatest most fun
So that one day when traveling’s done
Once again here you’ll remember to come

Maybe that day you will settle down
A little tired from moving around
You’ll count to your kids all the fun places
All the funny people and their funny faces

You’ll know these lands that you’ve traveled wide
Those very same lands you’ll cherish with pride
The travel was fleeting now you reside
Like your wife who once was your bride

For now though think not of all that
Just remember to wear a nice hat
For the sun is shining strong in this land
The carpet is leaving: hold on to my hand

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Falling in love is like moving in
Shopping retail for a new skin
Convincing yourself you’re ready to try
A slice of that ham & mango salsa pie

Grab all your stuff, leave your baggage behind
Keep an open mind to what you might find
Close your eyes, mouth open wide.
Swallow it whole, you’re in for the ride

You’d better be ready, steering wheel steady
Eyes on the road, eyelids get heavy
Remember at times the driving gets heady
No turning back, you’ve gone far already

If only you had a map in your hand
It would help to better understand
The many turns of this vast foreign land
Why sometimes it feels like driving in sand

If for some reason, along the way
You miss that place far far away
The one where before you used to stay
Or start to long for another day

If the odd pie is making you sick
Or your seat belts no longer click
That salesman was such a shtick!
I thought this house would be made of brick!

You forget why in the first place you moved
You gave up on your past perfect groove
Seems now you’ll never see the Louvre
Perhaps it’s time again to move

In the long process you’re left alone
Guilty of actions you can’t condone
Now your heart is cold like a stone
You move through life like an automate drone

Before your next move you’d better think
Ensure the same language you in fact speak
Build that house by your favorite creek
Your love won’t care if your floorboards squeak

Build first a life in which you find joy
Where you keep close your favorite toy
Make sure it’s real, not some confused ploy
Then invite your love to share and enjoy