Swimming in goop
Alphabet soup
No directions
Only questions
World is scary
Rules arbitrary
Fueled by hope
Dreams, pride’n’dope
So confusing
Though amusing
Don’t be afraid
You got it made
Life is a chance
To make a stance
Head down push through
Be us not you
You always knew
What’s due to do


Just Breath

Just Breath

Have you ever wondered why
We’re always trying to buy
A piece of the sweet pie?

Drawn to lights like moth
Willing to pay the cost
Spiritually lost

Without courage to say
“I had a bad day,
do you mind if I stay?”

Afraid to simply ask
Fearing we’ll end up last
Too lazy for the task

As though we don’t exist
Like ghosts in a thick mist
Just a number in the list

Don’t sleep in this morning
Hiding, tired, mourning
Bounce up instead roaring!

Find a higher force
Decipher your heart’s Morse
Set a happy course

You just need to believe
Love, cherish, conceive
Be one, give and receive

Just breathe