Pulling Yosemite Granite

Pulling Yosemite Granite

I was here to climb, and climb I did. I had even warmed up my trad skills with a day at the Leap and another at the 90ft Wall in Tahoe.

By the time I was able to commit to another week of climbing with Yen in Yosemite (after doggie health issues forced us to cancel our prior arrangement), she had already invited our mutual friend: Bud. Three more friends from the same group of rock debutants had separately planned to come up and were already in the valley when we arrived.

I had met both Yen and Bud through online mediums: Mountain Project and Meetup. It turned out, there was an obvious energy of challenge between them, who climb at rather similar levels but with markedly different styles. Nonetheless, on this trip, Yen had invited both of us, and it just so happened that he and I we were longing to try a day of climbing together, switching leads up a long multi-pitch.

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