Falling in love is like moving in
Shopping retail for a new skin
Convincing yourself you’re ready to try
A slice of that ham & mango salsa pie

Grab all your stuff, leave your baggage behind
Keep an open mind to what you might find
Close your eyes, mouth open wide.
Swallow it whole, you’re in for the ride

You’d better be ready, steering wheel steady
Eyes on the road, eyelids get heavy
Remember at times the driving gets heady
No turning back, you’ve gone far already

If only you had a map in your hand
It would help to better understand
The many turns of this vast foreign land
Why sometimes it feels like driving in sand

If for some reason, along the way
You miss that place far far away
The one where before you used to stay
Or start to long for another day

If the odd pie is making you sick
Or your seat belts no longer click
That salesman was such a shtick!
I thought this house would be made of brick!

You forget why in the first place you moved
You gave up on your past perfect groove
Seems now you’ll never see the Louvre
Perhaps it’s time again to move

In the long process you’re left alone
Guilty of actions you can’t condone
Now your heart is cold like a stone
You move through life like an automate drone

Before your next move you’d better think
Ensure the same language you in fact speak
Build that house by your favorite creek
Your love won’t care if your floorboards squeak

Build first a life in which you find joy
Where you keep close your favorite toy
Make sure it’s real, not some confused ploy
Then invite your love to share and enjoy

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